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What would you do if you found a cheap accessible drug for a serious and incurable disease that plagues millions around the world?

You would probably feel on top of the world and begin the task of publishing the research to try and manufacture the drug and cure millions.

So no. as it turns out, it doesn’t work that way… 

In 2013, research that succeeded in discovering an agent by the name of Mannitol, which is a cheap and accessible agent, and solves and improves symptoms of the Parkinson patients!

The professors experimented on animals and wanted to proceed with human subjects trials, but when large pharmaceutical companies got wind of the research and its conclusions, they decided to stop and the possibility of financial support of the product and its marketing, for a simple and inconceivable reason – Mannitol is a cheap and accessible non patented agent, and can be purchased by anyone, at a low cost which therefore led to no financial value for this commercial medication. This would do damage to strong pharmaceutical companies.

It turns out that financial expedience and a profitable business model are the only motives for the pharmaceutical companies. Advance researches are stopped and archived when the supporting pharmaceutical companies find that the agent testes is in fact a cheap accessible non patented material that can be acquired by anyone at a low cost. Researchers understood that they had no way to proceed or receive the budget necessary and shelved the research to continue to a different subject.

At the same time, Danny Vassaly, a Parkinson patient of a number of years, searched for information and found the research and the results of the Mannitol use. He was surprised to hear from the researchers that this is common practice.

Danny decided to form a joint venture with influential friends called "Clinic Crowd" whose goal was to find researches and solutions shelved by researchers due to financial non-viability and make available to the public via groups, forums and social network and in doing so, revolutionize medicine/research/medication – an area controlled by pharmaceutical companies and powerful political lobbyist.

The company decided to focus on Parkinson disease. They founded groups and forums of Parkinson patients and began spreading the word of Mannitol, and accompanying the process patients go through. In just a few months stunning results arose! An improvement of the patient's condition and symptoms were observed! 

This feature documentary focuses on Danny and his friends' revolutionary journey in their attempt to revolutionize the medical world. Establishing and developing this sort of model is complex and dangerous. Pharmaceutical companies will do everything in their power to impede the revolution and counteract the process.

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