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As a documentary filmmaker, the goal is to produce films that will bring about real change as far as a revolution. 

We live in unique times where new forces join hands to make a change. The ability to circumvent organizations and monstrous monopolies to gain direct access to the public, attempt to think outside the box as well as going back to nature and understanding that simplicity is sophistication are at the base of a real revolution. I believe it's important and even vital to record and relay this story.


The way the global pharmaceutical industry runs today, an industry we are all linked to in one way or another, and the situation in which millions or tens and hundreds of millions of patients suffering from severe or terminal diseases, use expensive medication while not curing the disease and at the same time the research for cheaper and simpler agents, that can cure these disease but are not marketed because of non-viability is inconceivable and unreasonable in a healthy and proper world. The revolution that "Clinic Crowd" and Parkinson patients are trying to start and the movie that will document the process, is in my view,  a true revolution and a change that can eventually influence each and every one of us and the people around us.

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